The first image of the newest film of Elle has arrived, director Francis Coppola attended comic-con to talk about his movie.
While he prefere not to talk a lot about the details of the movie, the director did say a little bit more what the movie is about.

Here’s the plot of the movie:

“Val Kilmer plays a Stephen King-knockoff author named Hall Baltimore, who barely pays the bills with his series of witch-themed books. He arrives in a small town for a signing, while we’re introduced to the community’s strange history through narration by none other than Tom Waits. It’s a quiet, average town most noticeable for its clock tower with seven faces, each with different times displayed. There was a horrible murder(s) some years back that people don’t like to talk about, which might have something to do with a group of local goth kids, who may or may not be vampires, and their guyliner-clad leader Flamingo. At a signing, the town sherrif (played by Bruce Dern) asks Kilmer to investigate/exploit the murders for a book they can write together. Kilmer is reluctant but after talking with his wife (Kilmer’s former wife Joanne Whalley) and agent (David Paymer) he decides to do it. Soon he’s either having dreams or seeing the dead ghosts of the murdered girl V (SUPER 8’s Elle Fanning) and Edgar Allan Poe, who acts as Kilmer’s spiritual guide as he discovers the secret behind the murder and its seeming connection to his own life.”… Source

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