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The video of today’s interview of Elle with KTLA 5 has been released. In the interview Elle talks about working with such an splendid cast for Low Down, the differences between low-budget and high-budget films; Flea praises Elle, and the first glimpse to the movie is shown.

Be sure to check the video HERE! I’ve also added a new beautiful photoshoot picture by Victoria Will.

I’ve added some new pictures of Elle promoting her films in Sundance. Be sure to check them out in the gallery!

- 011 x A Celebration of Music and film
001 x Hollywood Reporter Studio at Rock & Reilly’s
002 x KTLA
001 x Joshua Horowitz
002 x Austin Hargrave

Some new reviews about ‘Young Ones’ has been released; The film look rather interesting, and this review seems a bit better. Be sure to read it below:

[…]Only Fanning is underused in a role that never acquires much shading, though watching her wash dishes using sand is an evocative image that lingers. The Hollywood Reporter

Unfortunately, Paltrow struggles to sustain the same level of interest when it comes to the film’s plot and characters, the talented actors left floundering in thinly drawn roles that strive for an iconic status always just out of reach. Shannon makes a convincing tough guy, Hoult a shifty schemer and Smit-McPhee a resourceful kid, but none of them is asked to do anything beyond that. Fanning is simply wasted in the most significant femme role. VARIETY

“Young Ones” and its serious, bone-dry approach won’t be for everyone. The picture is languidly paced, but its ideas, moods and tones strike many thought-provoking chords. But even more, amongst the many films vying for attention in a busy festival schedule, it’s one I’m still thinking about, chewing on and lingering in my head. INDIEWire

A video from last night’s ‘Young Ones’ Question & Answer video has been uploaded to Youtube, you can watch it here.

Elle attended the ‘Low Down’ premiere at Eccles Center Theatre during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2014 in Park City, Utah. Pictures are being added as they come, thanks a lot for your patience!

- xxx x ‘Low Down’ Sundance Premiere

[Edit:] I’ve also replaced some outtakes from the Victoria Will set for HQ untagged ones.

Hitfix has written their review for Elle’s latest film Young Ones. The review is not very promising but be sure to read it yourself!

The film, meanwhile, wastes some pretty precious resources of its own, with Shannon — on typically terse form — prematurely dispatched and Fanning given little to do other than stare soulfully out at dusty vistas while hanging laundry. (This particular future looks pretty bleak for everyone, but women are still drawing the shortest of short straws.) The action, lean as it is, is increasingly narrowed to a face-off between Hoult and McPhee, neither actor quite conjuring the requisite physical or psychological intensity to ground the film’s wafty, quasi-Malickian atmospherics. [SOURCE]

I’ve added a few pictures of Elle at Sundance: Attending the premiere of ‘Young Ones’ at the Eccles Center Theatre during the festival, the ‘Young Ones’ Dinner And Party hosted by The Snow Lodge x Eveleigh, and a shoot photographed by Victoria Will. Hopefully more pictures and HQs will be added today!

- 067 x ‘Young Ones’ Sundance Premiere
009 x ‘Young Ones’ Q&A
001 x Christopher Beyer
019 x Victoria Will

Elle was busy today as she was spotted several times at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, where she later attended the The Eddie Bauer Adventure House – Day 2. I’ve added pictures of the event, Elle out and about, and a funny shoot from the Hollywood Reporter.

- 006 x January 18th – At Quaker Lodge
006 x January 18th – Out in Sundance
001 x The Hollywood Reporter
006 x The Eddie Bauer Adventure House – Day 2

[Edit:] Albums updated.

Elle is set to appear today to the Sundance Film Festival to promote Low down, First Stars I see Tonight, and Young Ones which is set to premiere today. Not only that, but Elle will be attending the event ‘A Celebration of Music in Film’ tomorrow for a reading; The event is a tribute to jazz legend Joe Albany. You can read the whole article HERE.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for a bunch of new pictures/videos!

Disney has released a new sneak peek with brand new scenes of Elle! This trailer focus more on co-star Angelina Jolie who looks amazing and just the perfect Maleficent. Be sure to check the video out!

According to Variety, Elle is Sundance‘s 2014 It girl, in the interview Elle also talked about her latest short film First Stars I see Tonight:

“I did a piece about a girl with blurred depth perception seeing stars for the first time,” she says. “It’s another true story and we did it all greenscreen.”[SOURCE]

You can see the finished film below:

Elle also attended the 23rd annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition where she presented an award for photographer Douglas Kirkland.

- 003 x January 15th – Out in Studio City
028 x 23rd annual international Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition

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