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I’ve added the magazine scans to the gallery! There are no new pictures, but they are awesome and I’m so glad they added so many of her pictures unlike others whom just add 2/3 pictures! The interview, while short, is rather interesting. I haven’t been able to upload the behind-the-scenes video yet, but I’m sure it’ll pop out there soon. Enjoy!

“That film was very special to me. I saw the finished product in Toronto at the film festival and when I watched it again I didn’t feel like I was looking at me, because I had accent and red hair and it just wasn’t like me. I started crying for the first time–it was embarrasing now I look back on it” (On Ginger & Rosa, Miss Vogue

- 022 x Miss Vogue Australia

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I’ve added a handful of more pictures from the Miss Vogue shoot to the gallery, including two behind-the-scenes pictures (plus a much better quality of this picture)! Be sure to check this cool shoot! It has quickly become one of my favorite! The scans and full interview will be posted this weekend, so be sure to check them out as well!

- 019 x Benny Horne
- 002 x Benny Horne – Behind the Scenes

vogue vogue vogue vogue vogue

As we knew, Elle is featured in the September Issue of Miss Vogue Australia!! I’ve added a bunch of amazing pictures from this shoot to the gallery… A gorgeou behind-the-scenes video is also coming up soon so be sure to check these out!!

“I guess my mum saw us playing around the house and creating these really in-depth characters” Fanning said. “My sister was older so she would always be the mum and I would be her kid. We would pretend we were homeless people and move around the house as though we were looking for shelter – we would always end up in the pantry. My parents would be like, ‘What are they doing in the pantry?’ and we’d be shivering, completely in character.”

- 023 x Benny Horne

vogue vogue vogue vogue vogue

Wearing a very cute dress, Elle was seen leaving a friend’s house, and out and about in Los Angeles. Check the pictures in the gallery:

- 019 x August 28th – Out in Los Angeles

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Elle takes the cover of the September issue being the first printed issue of Miss Vogue Australia, which will be on newsstands on September 2nd. The magazine is also available as App and it will be available on August 30. A small teaser of the shoot was also released. Check them out!

Elle is also taking over the Rodarte‘s Instagram this week! Be sure to check the pictures taken by Elle out in their instagram! Also remember ELLE DOES NOT HAVE A PUBLIC INSTAGRAM Everyone claiming being Elle is fake.

Elle was snapped starting off her day with her daily workout routine. You can check the pictures in the gallery:

- 027 x August 21st – Heading to the gym

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Starting off a healthy day, Elle was snapped leaving her local gym in Los Angeles, and later enjoying a juice at Jamba Juice. Pictures have been added to the gallery:

- 008 x August 20th – Leaving the gym
- 017 x August 20th – At Jamba Juice

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The behind-the-scenes footage of Dakota and Elle’s photoshoot for J. Estina has been released! You can watch the video below.

Elle was also snapped shopping in Studio City with her mom; Pictures have been added to the gallery:

- 025 x August 18th – Out in Studio City

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Elle is starring in a new short film named First stars I see Tonight. The project, formerly titled The Stars were Stolen, is produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It looks rather interesting! You can see a rough cut footage of the film here!!

Also, Elle was snapped leaving a nail salon with her mom. You can see the pictures in the gallery:

- 019 x August 14th – Leaving a nail salon

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I’ve added a couple of new outtakes from the Fall/Winter 2013 Collection of J. Estina, plus an adorable picture of Elle showing a present J. Estina gave her after the shoot! Take a look in the gallery!

- 002 x J. Estina FW 2013
- 001 x J. Estina gifts

jestina jestina jestina jestina jestina

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