Hey guys!! first off I want to say Happy Holidays!!! I hope you had an amazing time with your family and friends. I’m truly sorry last year wasn’t well updated but I’m going to give my all! There’s a lot of things we need to fix in the site, so I’ll be updating/fixing these next few weeks. Also, If you’ve mailed TE this past months, please do again as I’ve lost access to the former mails we had, you can contact the site by mailing me at totally.ellef@gmail.com

In other news, Elle, along Dakota, was featured in the February issue of W Magazine for her performance in Low Down. You can see the picture in the gallery, and the full article below:

Elle Fanning (near right) in Low Down
“It was always my dream to 
play a princess. I watched 
all the animated Disney 
films, and there were two blondes like me: Cinderella 
and Aurora. My sister 
liked Cinderella, but Aurora 
in Sleeping Beauty was 
mine because of her pink 
dress. Pink was my color.” Full Article

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