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Rodrigo Prieto‘s short film Likeness has been leaked showing a very different and serious role. Likeness–In which Elle plays Mia–is a personal meditation on eating disorders created by Prieto and his daughter. Elle plays “a girl struggling with self perception, and challenges us to consider the role of society in presenting an idealized image of the female body”.

I am not aware if this is the full movie, but it is really good so be sure to watch it below!

- 005 x Ginger and Rosa – Promotional Stills

ginger and rosa ginger and rosa ginger and rosa ginger and rosa ginger and rosa

Ginger and Rosa got its premiere in United States during this year’s New York Film Festival with Elle attending along with co-stars Alice Englert, Alessandro Nivola and director Sally Potter to support their movie; Unfortunately not many press pictures have not been yet released, thanks a lot to original posters in Tumblr for most of the pictures. Here’s also a video of Elle talking about her relationship with Sally Potter! CHECK IT OUT!

In other news, ELLE America’s november issue has been released with Elle on the cover!! The black and white picture is beautiful; A picture of the magazine taken by a fan from Instagram has been added to the gallery; Expect HQs soon!

- 008 x NYFF: Ginger and Rosa Screening
- 001 x ELLE USA

ginger and rosa ginger and rosa ginger and rosa ginger and rosa elle

The very first trailer of Elle’s latest film Ginger And Rosa has been released which features Elle in a way we have not seen before! Elle really looks amazing in it so be sure to watch the trailer!!! Screencaptures will be added as soon as possible. To watch the trailer click HERE

Elle looks breathtaking in this new still for her latest film for Lolita Lempicka’s women’s scent. Premiering this September 18th, the film will come in various length including the 2-minute-and-50-second version and was filmed by Yoann Lemoine. This film/ad will be aired in television, movie theaters and Internet and will be aired in numerous countries, including France and the U.S.!


While the public premiere for Ginger and Rosa will be the September 7th at the Toronto’s International Film Festival–which you can buy tickets for HERE–many screenings have been taking place this month; And even though not all the critics for the movie are so good, the reviews on Elle’s performance are indeed great! The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, among others have seen the film and loved even more Elle!

“Just 13 during the shoot, Elle Fanning exhibits an amazing range in Sally Potter’s sharply observed tale of growing up amid the turmoil of nuclear threat and familial discord.” FULL MOVIE REVIEW

“…Leaving auds to marvel at the gorgeous cinematography and scarlet-red hair of its heroine, earnestly played by Elle Fanning in a project undeserving of her talents.” FULL MOVIE REVIEW

““Ginger & Rosa” seals the deal for Fanning as a serious performer who is going to have a long and valued career in cinema.” FULL MOVIE REVIEW

“Over a small number of films, Elle Fanning has displayed a transcendent range that many would argue has surpassed the talents of her better-known sister Dakota.[...] Unfortunately, the rest of the Potter’s endeavor is a ponderous mess that negates the best aspects of Fanning’s performance.” FULL MOVIE REVIEW

In other news Elle will be attending, among other actors such as Christian Bale, Drew Barrymore, George Clooney, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr., Jodie Foster, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, among many others the Hollywood Film Awards Gala this year!

Elle has booked yet another role! This time it will be a movie adaptation of the novel by Kevin Henkes Olive’s Ocean; The movie will be produced by Donald Rosenfeld and written by Christina Hammonds Reed. Elle will play a teen that after discovering a peer who died recently wanted to become her friend, goes through a summer of soul searching.

The movie[...]came about because of Rosenfeld’s experience with Elle Fanning’s sister, Dakota. He produced Effie, the film that was scripted by Emma Thompson and directed by Richard Laxton, with Dakota Fanning playing the title role of Effie Gray, the teen bride of Victorian art critic John Ruskin. While on set, Rosenfeld asked her sister Elle what her favorite book was, and when she answered Olive’s Ocean, that started the process. “I haven’t worked with a more dedicated actor than Dakota and can’t wait to work with Elle,” Rosenfeld said. “There is such talent, they are young but they are old souls.” FULL ARTICLE

Ginger and Rosa, formerly known as Bomb will be premiering next week (August 21st) at the Toronto International Film Festival! Hopefully we’ll be able to see tons of new pictures of Elle promoting her new film!

I’ve also added the first poster of the new Disney film Maleficent in which Elle plays Aurora. Check the picture out in the gallery!

Twixt has been released in DVD and BluRay which you can buy online, and it shows yet another great performance by Elle! This role is really different of what Elle has ever done and it’s great to see she doesn’t portray just one kind of characters! I’ve added the high quality screencaps to the gallery so be sure to check them out! I will be also adding some stills and posters to the gallery soon so keep tuned!

There is no question some people watched this movie and loved it, since Elle is now rumored to be competing against Chloe Moretz and Elizabeth Olsen for the role of Ariel Chylde in the comic adaptation movie Darkchylde. The story is about Ariel, who could transform into any of the monsters from her nightmares. This movie sounds interesting so check the full article here.

- 1320 x Twixt Screencaptures

twixt twixt twixt twixt twixt

It has been recently confirmed Elle is no longer attached in the musical God Help The Girl since she wants to focus on the Disney flick Maleficent. Elle will be replaced by the Skins’ actress Hannah Murray. You can read the full article in here

Elle has been confirmed to portray Princess Aurora in the upcoming Sleeping Beauty reboot with Angelina Jolie. I hope you guys are as excited as I am to see Elle as Aurora! I’ve also added some new candids of Elle leaving her dance class on yesterday afternoon.

- 020 x Leaving Dance Class

candids candids candids candids candids