As the premiere of Elle’s films at the Toronto Film Festival came by so did the Reviews, as usual, people are praising Elle’s performance while the movie is not doing as well.. Be sure to read them below!

[…]The young actress once again shows why she’s one of the best of her generation, finding the sweet spot of Ray being absolutely confident about who he wants to become, but absolutely terrified that it might not happen. There is simply no other option for Ray to live happily and fully in his own skin than as a man, and Fanning doesn’t nearly get enough scenes to really communicate this, but the few she does — including one startling breakdown — are great.INDIEWire: The playlist

[…]Luckily, Fanning proves adept at rising above the material and delivers a confident performance, handily adding depth to a character that sorely needs it.The guardian

[…]Activists have often decried the casting of cisgender actors in trans roles (recently on display with Eddie Redmayne in “The Danish Girl”), and often with very good reason. But considering the titular character here has not yet begun any sort of medical treatment, all that matters is that the actor playing him be believable, and Fanning certainly is. Portraying Ray as authentically awkward yet far beyond any sort of confusion over his identity, Fanning’s performance allows him to be both righteously troubled and also just a bit of a standard-issue d–khead teenager, stomping down stairwells, defying his elders and getting awkward around girls like any good All-American dude.Variety

[…]About Ray is at its best in quiet moments centered on Fanning’s character, as he binds his chest or works out to develop his skinny girlish frame. There’s poignancy in the characterization of a brave individual eager to plunge into a more authentic life. And even after being assaulted and landing a shiner, Fanning underlines that beneath the bruises of experience Ray is driven by hope and a fully-formed sense of himself, irrespective of his current physical limbo. Too bad that moving story gets cluttered up with sugary banalities about the crazy thing we call family.THR

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